Material Transfer





The Highest Standards, Affordable Priced

The robust line of PowerFill® Bulk Bag Fillers provide the durability, high performance and reliability to get your dry powders and bulk solids to your customers safely, efficiently and more cost-effectively.
Designed for high-, medium- and low-volume applications, the PowerFill® products deliver unrivaled material handling solutions for a wide array of companies in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.




Bulk Bag Dischargers

Our patented Material Master® Bulk Bag Discharging System features exclusive flow promotion, discharge spout closure, and dust control technology for safe, reliable discharge. Material Transfer specializes in custom designed bulk bag discharging systems to meet specific application requirements.

drum & container dumpers


Container discharging systems are designed to discharge the contents of drums, bins, boxes, gaylords, gons, carts, or other containers into existing receiving equipment. Whether your application requires the dust-tight discharge of sub-micron powders or heavy forged parts, we will custom design a discharge system that will exceed your expectations.




The Material Master® Bulk Bag Conditioner leverages a patented design and unique feature set to safely and efficiently return hardened bulk bags to a manageable, free-flowing state. We specialize in designing bulk bag conditioning systems to meet your unique application requirements.

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