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Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying

Volkmann Engineers and Manufactures High-Quality, ATEX Certified, High-Performance Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors

Volkmann high-quality, high-performance pneumatic vacuum conveyors, bulk bag unloaders, rip and tip stations, hoists, delumpers, dust collection systems, and weighing and dosing systems offer a complete, fully contained powder handling system for the safe material transfer of fine chemicals, granules, pellets, tablets and small components. Volkmann systems are particularly well-suited to dust-tight, segregation-free and damage-free dense phase conveying of powders under vacuum. With features such as “No-Tools” disassembly and easy cleaning, as well as designs conforming to cGMP standards, air-driven Multijector® vacuum generation and ATEX certification for explosion-proof applications – it’s no wonder Volkmann is leading the industry with powder and granule vacuum conveyor solutions.

Adaptation of Volkmann inert explosion proof (INEX) pneumatic vacuum conveying system

Why Avoiding Dust Explosions is Better Than Suppressing or Containing Them After the Fact – And Here’s How

Combustible dust explosions happen far too often considering the vast amount of knowledge and experience accumulated among process engineers, process equipment manufacturers, industrial safety professionals, and explosion protection system suppliers. An average of 31.8 combustible dust explosions happen every year in the United States alone, according to the DustSafetyScience 2020 Combustible Dust Incident Report, mostly involving the food, wood, and metals industries. Many of these explosive incidents caused fatalities, serious injuries, and triggered financial losses in the millions. Clearly, explosions need to be avoided.

Yet for many companies, the standard procedure for managing dust explosion hazards calls for suppressing, containing, or venting explosions, which means after they explode. Sure, these suppressed, contained, or vented explosions cause much less damage than if they weren’t addressed at all, but doesn’t it make much more sense to prevent any explosion from happening in the first place? This would eliminate the risk and liability entirely – and save lives. That’s how we approach dust explosion hazards in vacuum conveying systems.

How to Avoid Combustible Dust Explosions

In powder handling situations where combustible dust is present, we recommend using a patented pneumatic vacuum conveying system that eliminates the possibility of an explosion. How does that work? For an explosion to occur, a fuel source such as fine dust particles, an ignition source such as a flame, spark or electrostatic discharge, and oxygen all need to be present. If any one of the three are removed or not present then there cannot be an explosive event. It’s just science. And we patented the concept. Our pneumatic vacuum conveyors eliminate any potential sources of ignition when conveying dry powders.

No electricity is needed. No rotating parts to generate heat or an electrostatic charge. Conveying is done at low velocities to minimize static buildup and the whole system is electrically grounded. This contained conveying approach can be safely applied to both gas and dust explosion zones. Our INEX conveying system even works in ATEX Zone 0 (gas EX) discharge areas where an explosive mixture is continuously present or present for long periods of time. INEX, in fact, stands for Inert Explosion-Proof.


With a PNEUMATI-CON conveyor, capacity can range from several pounds to tens of tons per hour, feeding any destination from small packaging lines to silos and railcars. Moreover, excessive fluctuations in the feed rate — resulting in overloading or underloading — will not damage the system. 


Totally enclosed and dust-free, a PNEUMATI-CON conveying system prevents contamination of the product and plant environment, allowing safe transfer of contamination-sensitive materials including dusty and hazardous products.


Self-contained Flexicon PNEUMATI-CON conveying systems complete with feed hopper and/or pick-up wand, blower unit, filter receiver, and control package, are available pre-engineered and configured on caster-mounted frames for in-plant mobility.

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