X-Ray Inspection Systems

There are a number of vendors who supply these components to various X-Ray equipment providers—however, PecoInspX ScanTrac systems are different in that they use the absolute best in class systems to deliver a superior inspection capability. PecoInspX also places significant focus on software capabilities

                      ScanTrac Crescendo 

The ScanTrac Crescendo is a dual beam side-view X-Ray inspection system that is specifically designed for inspecting taller rigid containers (e.g. glass jars, metal and composite cans, plastic containers and boxes) including number 10 cans.

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                               ScanTrac Largo

The ScanTrac Largo is designed to handle the largest packages and cases at speeds up to 67 meters (200 feet) per minute. The Largo features a unique design that utilizes twin X-Ray beams for inspection, which allows it to uniformly inspect even the largest of packages. The Largo also features a wide array of ejection options to allow easy handling of rejected containers.

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                               SHIELD Allegro

Designed to inspect a wide assortment of packages up to 450 mm (17.7”) wide and 254 mm (10.0”) high. A powerful and and extremely easy to use top-down X-Ray system backed by the best service team in the industry.

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