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Blenders & Mixers

Blenders & mixers are an important part of the bulk materials processing industry. Food products, fertilizers and chemical compounds are just a few of the bulk materials that require blending and mixing. Blending or mixing is the process of thoroughly combining different materials to achieve a homogenous mixture with uniform distribution.

Advantages of Using Blenders & Mixers

  • Ideal For Combining Multiple Bulk Materials And Liquids
  • Efficient And Fast Blending And Mixing
  • Materials Can Be Blended Or Mixed In Batch Or Continuous Operation
  • Totally Enclosed For Corrosive Or Hazardous Requirements



Gravity Down Flow System




Gravity Down Flow Systems

Top Down or Gravity Down-Flow systems gather materials above a mixer prior to processing. Major materials or ingredients are conveyed to receivers while other materials, in small or bulk bags, are hoisted up to unloading stations above the mixer. A volumetric screw feeder will meter appropriate contents from the receivers or unloading stations into scale hoppers above the mixer according to preconfigured recipes. Material will discharge from the scale hoppers into the mixer based on time and/or temp which are included recipe parameters. This process provides for a high degree of accuracy because gravity is used to ensure all of the ingredients are emptied into the processing system and are not hung up in transfer.


Continuous Mixing Systems



Loss-In Weigh Continuous Mixing Systems

A Loss-In-Weight continuous process utilizes automated loss-in-weight feeders to continuously add material to a process. A variety of materials can be sent from the feeders to a receiver, mixer or directly to an extruder for processing. As materials are combined and processed, the loss-in-weight feeder calls for more material and refills are fast and efficient, minimizing the time the feeders are in volumetric mode. This maintains the highest feeder accuracy possible.



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