Chicago Blower air moving products are best known for their “industrial quality,” a standard of manufacturing assuring certified performance, relentless dependability, and longevity        

Design 38 Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower

Chicago castings blend aluminum with high-strength alloys to create strong, corrosion-free housings and wheels ideal for adverse industrial environments. Aluminum also stands up to sub-zero ambients without material deterioration. Since aluminum is non-magnetic and non-toxic, Chicago’s pressure blowers are recommended for both electronic and food related applications. The non-sparking properties qualify Chicago’s pressure blowers for AMCA Type B spark resistant rating. 

Design 53 Single Stage Pressure Blower

An extremely wide performance range is provided by 70 wheel/housing combinations. The Design 53 is available in four arrangements and eight discharge positions to suit most every application. In addition to direct drive, the Design 53 is also available in belt drive. 

Pressure Air Fan


To meet specific applications, PA fans can be built with stainless steel or alloy construction. Split housings facilitate wheel removal without disturbing connecting ductwork. Integral inlet boxes, pre-spin inlet dampers and opposed-blade outlet dampers all control air flow. Belt guards and shaft coolers are also common options, in addition to the various housing and wheel liners. Chicago Blower engineers are eager to design and build the pressure fan that meets your exact requirements. 

SQA Airfoil Centrifugal 


The SQA is Chicago’s most popular fan because it fulfills most commercial, and general industrial air moving needs. With its airfoil wheel and square housing design, the SQA is efficient, economical and versatile. It is also quickly available through Chicago’s Stock Fan program. “Packaged” fans, those furnished with motor, V-belt drive, belt guard and other options, are factory aligned, run tested and shipped ready to install. By eliminating jobsite assembly, the packaged SQA fan can substantially reduce overall installation cost. 

SQAD / SQBD Direct Drive 


Direct Drive SQAD/SQBD fans combine the performance and efficiency of Chicago’s versatile “Square” Fans with the advantages of a compact directly driven arrangement. With the fan wheel mounted directly onto the motor shaft maximum efficiency is constantly maintained. Belt noise, power loss, maintenance and troublesome adjustments are eliminated. 

Design 10A Airfoil Centrifugal



Chicago’s D/10A airfoil fans are available standard in three construction classes to meet every application requirement. All classes feature heavy gauge housings and continuously welded scroll. Class II adds additional bracing in the larger sizes. Class III adds heavier shafts and bearings, and wheels reinforced with a stiffener ring to withstand higher pressure. 


Design 51 Single Width

Widely recognized for design efficiency and integrity, Chicago’s Design 51 airfoil wheel has ideal characteristics for variable air volume systems. The fan’s deep spun inlet and hyperbolic wheel cone plus generous housing proportions provide a smooth stable air flow over the entire performance range. Precision balancing assures quieter vibration-free operation that adds to the overall reliability and performance of Chicago’s Design 51 airfoil fans. 

Design 51 Double Width 

The Design 51 double width is a rugged fan built to Chicago’s industrial level of quality and long-term dependability. Like every Chicago fan, the Design 51 is crafted by skilled members of the Sheet Metal Workers Union and displays the label “Proudly Made in the USA”. 

Design 51 Plenum Fan

Chicago’s Plenum Fan offers a practical, economical design alternative for air handling and conditioning systems. It features an unhoused true airfoil bladed wheel that installs directly within the plenum, thereby eliminating the downstream discharge. The fan can be installed either horizontally or vertically. 


Direct Drive Airfoil Plug Fan

Direct drive simplicity converts to lower initial cost and less operating expense, as there are no fan shafts, bearings, belts or guards to maintain. Plug fans utilize Chicago’s quiet, efficient airfoil wheel with hyperbolic inlet cone. Exceptional rigidity is afforded by the heavy steel panel with flanged edges and gusseted motor base. Plug fans are designed for horizontal or vertical installation. 


Design 44 SQA Plug Fan

Chicago Airfoil SQA Plug Fans are designed for easy mounting in ovens, dryers, kilns, and can be installed in penthouses, panel walls, ceilings, floors…just cut a hole large enough for the fan shaft and install.

Design 70 High-Efficiency Plug Fan

The Design 70 wheel was developed for open wheel installations and utilizes a solid, single surface airfoil blade to provide Chicago’s Plug Fan with one of the industry’s highest efficiencies. With reduced horsepower requirements, energy savings are significant, up to 84% efficient. Although the Design 70 Plug Fan has ambient air applications, it is typically utilized for temperatures up to 1000° F. For higher temperatures consult the factory. Sound levels are generally low over the entire performance range.


SQB Centrifugal 


Chicago Blower’s SQB is regarded as a high performance, trouble free fan proven in a myriad of industrial applications. With its backward inclined wheel and square housing design, the SQB is efficient, economical and versatile. It is also quickly available through Chicago’s Stock Fan program. “Packaged” fans, those furnished with motor, V-belt drive, belt guard and other options, are factory aligned, run tested and shipped ready to install. By eliminating jobsite assembly, the packaged SQB fan can substantially reduce overall installation cost. 


Design 10A Backward Inclined

Chicago’s Design 10A is a rugged multi-purpose centrifugal fan equipped with Backward Inclined wheels suited for harsh duty applications. With heavier blades to resist erosion and corrosion, the Design 10A fan provides reliable operation in contaminated air with minimal maintenance. Similar BI wheels are used in Chicago’s SQB fans for alternate duty applications. For clean airstreams, Chicago’s airfoil bladed fans are recommended

Design 64 Packaged Backward Inclined Fan


Chicago’s PBI fan is the right choice for your requirements, designed to increase the stable operating range by over 20%. This enables you to offer a wider performance range and thereby eliminate fan sizes. Chicago’s Design 64 PBI fan is offered in 12 sizes from 122 to 365 and in standard widths of 100%, 75% and 50%. With the availability of three motor RPMs, a PBI fan will meet all your necessary performance and physical specifications. 


Design 51 Single Width Backward Inclined

Chicago’s Design 51 Single Width fan, a reliable industry staple for decades, is now readily available as a standard pre-engineered series with Backward Inclined wheels. Add up the features and you have one tough fan.


Design 95 High-Pressure Backward Curved 

Chicago Blower’s Design 95 is an industrial backward curved fan with well-known durability and established performance. Available as a pre-engineered fan line, it delivers the reliability of a custom designed fan at the price and lead time of a standard production fan.

Direct Drive Industrial Fan

Chicago Blower’s Direct Drive Industrial fan is a high performance, trouble free fan proven in a multitude of industrial applications. The fan eliminates belt slippage and power loss. Also, there is no belt noise or troublesome belt maintenance. Direct drive fans are suitable for temperatures to 180°F.


Design 37 Direct Drive Panel Fan

Before the development of PowerMate, fan selection was often a compromise between too little and too much – “close enough” was good enough. Now, with hundreds of PowerMate propeller configurations readily available for each fan size, the optimum selection to meet system requirements can be assembled quickly using the stock components. With PowerMate you can quickly and economically match your exact needs. It’s like ordering a custom fan without the added expense or long lead time. 


Design 37 Direct Drive Tube Axial

Chicago’s Direct Drive Design 37 fans with adjustable pitch blades are capable of more air delivery for the same horsepower. Efficiencies exceeding 70% are common. How? The primary reason for increased efficiency is Chicago’s unique blade design. The entire length of the blade surface generates air flow, not just the tip alone. The air flow is uniform all along the blade.

Design 47 Adjustable Pitch Vane Axial

Chicago’s Design 47 Vane Axial Adjustable Pitch Fans are used in applications where demands vary with system or seasonal change. Blade pitch is manually set to increase or decrease performance. Blades are easily adjustable externally at the hub. Available in compact direct drive models.


Design 47 Controllable Pitch Vane Axial

Chicago’s Design 47 Vane Axial Controllable Pitch Fans respond automatically to signal source based on changes in temperature, humidity, air flow, gas concentration and air quality. While low initial cost, simple installation and operation make the Design 47 the best choice for variable air volume systems, they are also used in industrial applications to maintain constant environmental conditions regardless of air demand.


Design 34 Fixed Pitch Vane Axial

The Design 34 Fixed Pitch Vane Axial fans are commonly used in the following applications: paint booths, fume exhaust, lint collection, dust collecting.