Mixing and blending equipment and process solutions


Momentum Series Double-Cone Blender The Momentum Series Double-Cone Blender sets the industry standard for batch mixing with minimal maintenance. Tumble blending offers rapid, low-impact mixing – highly beneficial for abrasive solids and semi-dry materials. The revolving mixing action promotes highly uniform mixes, and is the mixing equipment of choice for materials with trace components, such as flavorings for coffee beans or drink mixes. The Double-Cone Blender is often used for coffees, teas, pharmaceuticals, glass, and ceramic mixing, and its configuration can include load cells to weigh incoming materials for high-precision blends.
Momentum Series V-Cone Blender The Momentum Series V-Cone Blender combines the classic high-performance tumble mixer design with Marion innovation for a more durable blender that offers precision tooling and finish for maximum cleanability. Marion’s V-Cone blending equipment provides quick blends with consistent, gentle mixing ideal for delicate materials and abrasive solids. Its characteristic V shape promotes better drainage and discharge and is inherently clean by design, lacking any internal moving parts and eliminating product buildup.
Testing Expertise and Services Offered by Marion Multiple ingredient testing: Some food mixes can have dozens of unique ingredients to achieve that perfect taste and aroma. Ingredients must be added in the right sequence to achieve superior consistency throughout the batch, requiring multiple tests to get it right. Analog testing: For very expensive materials, our engineers can run trials on materials with similar properties, but lower cost. Recently, a nutraceutical and dietary supplements company found that, in a microbial reduction process, their materials were sticking to the sides of the machine in their production line. By running eight different tests using a similar, but less expensive material, we were able to adjust the thermal processing parameters and provide a significant reduction in sidewall caking. Precision testing: For chemicals, pharmaceuticals, baby formulas, and other highly precise mixes, it is important to ensure that every mix is perfect. Running tests on new formulations and mixes allows processors to try new mixes and tweak formulations before running large batches. Color precision testing: In plastics, biomass, and food processing, testing different color combinations is of critical importance to get the optimal visual appearance for each mix. Testing materials traditionally thought to be inappropriate for microwave (like metals): A recent test of a powdered metal, molybdenum, showed that WaveMix™ could be effective in the removal of oils and other moisture content without damaging effects to the material or equipment. Creation of new markets: Recently, a customer wanted to process high-value nanocrystal gel into a powder. Excessive heating, however, would severely degrade the material. Through testing, we developed a process using WaveMix™ for these special materials that produced the desired product while maintaining material integrity. New materials, new products, new customer demands: Technology and consumer demands are constantly changing. Raw materials suppliers may close or be replaced by those with better pricing or quality. In either case, testing mixes and processing is a critical step prior to going to market. Process improvement: A company working with dehydrated biomass for nutrition found that WaveMix™ technology could reduce drying time from three days to less than four hours. Better still, similar processing could be applied to other biomass products for dramatically higher efficiency, footprint savings on the production floor, and faster time-to-market.

WaveMix™: Industrial Drying System The Marion WaveMix™ industrial drying system combines microwave, vacuum, and mixing technologies for a cost-effective, high-precision thermal processing solution. The WaveMix™ is the ideal choice for handling sensitive materials and for preserving the color, nutritional, and chemical value of materials. This technology has been utilized in a variety of industrial applications across a wide range of industries, processing materials such as carbon black, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, chlorine powder, dried foods and pharmaceuticals, food-grade gelatin, ceramic proppants, and green coffee beans.
Momentum Series Lump Breaker The Momentum Series Lump Breaker offers high-capacity size reduction with a compact, low-power, easy-clean design. A rotating beater assembly grates material through a perforated screen, eliminating agglomerates for higher-quality output. Marion’s size reduction equipment offers consistent particle size within a narrow band while minimizing the generation of dust and fines. Various mesh sizes are available to suit a wide range of applications, including reducing particle size before or after mixing, intermediate sizing of product for improved drying and granulation prior to tableting, regrinding out-of-spec material for reclaim, pre-grinding prior to a secondary fine milling process, or accelerating dissolution in liquid reactors.