Solids Flow Metering


MaxxFlow HTC

The MaxxFlow HTC was developed for the flow measurement of dry bulk solids without any moving parts. It does not require straight runs and can be mounted vertically or on an angle. It is only 12 inches in length and is very easy to install. Also, it replaces expensive and large mechanical solutions like impact flowmeters or weigh feeders


DensFlow is a measuring system especially developed for measuring the flow rate of conveyed solids in densephase. DensFlow is used for the online-measuring of:

• all types of powder or granulates

• pneumatically densephase conveyed materials

• after mechanical conveying systems like chutes, slides or downpipes

FlowJam A

FlowJam A is a sensor which has been specifically developed for monitoring the flow of solids conveyed by hose lines using the Doppler effect. The system can be applied to hose lines made of non-conducting materials such as plastic or rubber with external diameters of between 2 and 10 mm (larger diameters can be done with a different meter).



The SlideControl is a unique solids flowmeter for measuring powder conveyed on air slides. It uses advanced microwave technology and is unaffected by build-up on the sensor face.

SolidFlow 2.0


SolidFlow 2.0 is the latest generation of microwave-based measuring systems for measuring the flow of solids. Based on many years of expertise, SWR has developed a second generation sensor with an extremely fast microprocessor which enables x100 more samples per second.

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