Volkmann manufactures Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Volkmann high-quality, high-performance pneumatic vacuum conveyors, bulk bag unloaders, rip and tip stations, hoists, delumpers, dust collection systems, and weighing and dosing systems offer a complete, fully contained powder handling system for the safe material transfer of fine chemicals, granules, pellets, tablets and small components. Volkmann systems are particularly well-suited to dust-tight, segregation-free and damage-free dense phase conveying of powders under vacuum. With features such as “No-Tools” disassembly and easy cleaning, as well as designs conforming to cGMP standards, air-driven Multijector® vacuum generation and ATEX certification for explosion-proof applications – it’s no wonder Volkmann is leading the industry with powder and granule vacuum conveyor solutions


Volkmann Vacuum Process

Vacuum Conveyor for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries:

  • user friendly systems with safe material transfer
  • easy material aspiration and dust-free loading of machines
  • gentle dense phase conveying, no segregation of material mixtures
  • optimum hygiene conditions
  • reliable filter systems in GMP quality
  • simple installation and operating
  • low energy consumption
  • favorable investment- and operating costs


Volkmann RNT Bag Dump Station

Volkmann offers a comprehensive range of bag dump (product loading and unloading) stations, drum tip stations and minor additive hoppers – all optimized for dust-free operation when used in conjunction with vacuum conveyors. These stations include:

  • Bag feeding stations
  • Drum emptying systems
  • Material unloading from drums and bags under high containment conditions OEB 4 and OEB 5
  • Customized hoppers, material receivers, collectors, sending stations and docking systems


Photo of PowTReX unit

The Volkmann PowTReX systems are designed specifically to enhance additive manufacturing technology when handling metal powders or toxic materials by providing safe transfer, recovery and extraction and return-to-use of materials with high bulk densities at high rates.

Recognizing the need to improve efficiencies in the additive manufacturing environment, Volkmann’s PowTReX eliminates needless waste of costly metal powders while maintaining a safe, contained environment for vacuum conveying of metal powders. Operating at throughputs of above 1100 lbs/hr for stainless steel, and above 660 lbs/hr for aluminum powder, PowTReX keeps the additive manufacturing operation running at peak efficiency.

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